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Conceptual Design of Developing a Mobile App for Distributed Information Services for Control Systems (DISCS)

abstract: In physical systems for having best performance in processes like maintenance, troubleshooting, design, construction, update and etc., we need to store data that describe systems state and its components characteristics. Thus we need a framework for developing an application which can store, integrate and manage data and also execute permitted operations. DISCS (Distributed Information […]

Complex number implementation cpp

Here we implement a c++ class for storing complex number like x+iy which x is the real part and y is the image , add,sub and mul functions are implemented for the operations + – * #include <iostream> using namespace std; class complex{ public: int x,y; complex(){ x=0; y=0; } complex(int a,int b) { x=a; […]

Information Discovery on the WWW, Using Search by image

Presentation’s recorded voice is available to download here. [3rd international conference on web research , Tehran April 2017] Presentation by : Prof. Paul Nieuwenhuysen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) Related presentation slides available at:  http://is-conf.org/pdfs/Abstract_Tutorial_IS_2016_Paul%20Nieuwenhuysen.pdf Workshop Abstract: Search by image on the WWW is a relatively new method for information retrieval, in which a search query consists […]

Web Project Management

Today, I’m going to introduce a project management software which I happened to see while searching online. This is a great web based management system written in PHP which helps you create and manage tasks, users, and projects. for more information visit the project site at qdpm.net